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I'm Forever Your's Faithfully....

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Jul 18, 2009

'Brings back memories whenever the band, Journey, sings this song...

Yet, it couldn't stop me to wonder what had happened when the Juan-Galvin campaign manager jumped over the other party's fence, so I've heard and read. This makes me think, is the Heinz-Arnold tandem sure that the island's Republicans will really go and vote for them? Or, how are they going to know for sure that the Juan-Galvin supporters will have their votes this coming elections?

As we've said before, if the islands want the current administration to change, why divide the opposition?

I personally see that the green color will still be the fad this year. Of course, I could be wrong too...

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Tell it like it is said...

Saipan Middle Road -- I hope you don't mind me posting some quotes that came from various individuals commenting on Wendy Doromal's website. I just thought they might be relevant here too.


"Being an incumbent doesn't automatically mean you are that steady hand that is needed. Being an incumbent doesn't mean you are a man of integrity."

"That steady hand you speak of has been guiding the CNMI into the worst situation it has been in the last 30 years."
"We need a real leader to take the helm and turn this ship around. A real leader with integrity that awards people based on merit not on political favors."


1. a know-it-all dictator who does not respect the law, legislature or people. No siree, only King Fitial knows what is good for the CNMI.

2. a power-hungry manipulator in charge who will cut hours and jobs and at the same time spend on ridiculous lawsuits.

3. side deals with Koreans investors

4. no integrity, lots of schemes

5. someone who will drain the coffers to promote his agenda whether endorsed by the people or not...

6. completely unqualified, unscrupulous, and/or ball-less policy advisors and department heads running the government

7. tens of millions in taxpayer money (federal or local) mysteriously vanishing (poof -- gone!) and totally unaccounted for

8. weak, demoralized, incapacitated law enforcement attorneys and officers

9. an impotent and illegitimate acting AG (no confirmed or nominated AG for almost a year)

10. lots of "acting" secretaries

11. no plan for economic recovery (plan? what plan? who needs a plan?)

12. really bad relations with the feds

13. sketchy "nonprofit" foundations in fitial's name receiving hefty, unaudited "donations" from unknown sources for certain unknown "charitable causes"

14. REALLY cheap public land leases and tax breaks for REALLY sketchy foreign investors

15. special legal counsels up the yin-yang, including the last legitimately-confirmed AG we ever had who stepped down not even a year ago, and two highly questionable, not-so-free "volunteer" attorneys

16. really bad judgment in selection of friends (abramoff? mafnas? tim?)

17. capital improvement projects stagnating, and very little infrastructure spending/development to speak of (how the heck ARE we going to spend all this free money? too bad we have to account for it...)

18. surrounded by former Tan employees

19. misplaced loyalty

20. lies with a scary Cheshire cat smile

21. Willens and Siemer

22. Cinta

23. CHC fiasco

24. getting fired for being "disloyal" to the Covenant party

25. being forced to hire and/or work among politicos who have no qualifications to speak of other than being related to fitial or his cronies AND who might also be convicted felons

26. never getting your rightful merit increase no matter how long and how hard you have worked, or how competent you are -- and then seeing unqualified political hires START above your civil service salary

27. worrying about furloughs... even as government hiring of nonessential (political) hires continues

28. Sleaze -sick of the prostitution and the sleazy clubs.

29. waste of money for trips, trips, trips

30. turns eye to and even supports fake schools' "

Note: The list above came from many different individuals. It is by no means exhaustive.

Please, anyone, feel free to add more.

Read the rest of the post and comments here.

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